Fabric & Sewing – Over 5,000 Bolts Of Different Fabric To Choose From

If sewing is your line, you’ll love our fabric room – be sure to allow sufficient time to browse! Cotton and poly-cotton, flannels and fleeces, plaids and prints, dress fabrics and denims – we have over 5,000 bolts to choose from. Needles, thread, lace, embroidery floss, yarn, and notions of all kinds make this a one-stop shopping trip to stock your sewing room. You’ll also find pattern books and various handmade projects, including quilts.

From Our Customers

"This store is amazing! They have everything here from groceries, clothes, clocks, toys. There's literally something for everyone here. Not to mention most of the stuff here is made locally, and not the typical Walter foreign quality that most people are used to. The products you buy from this store will last. My wife had some blueberries from here, and said their the best she's ever had in her life. My Grandma was the one who needed to go here, and honestly we didn't expect to spend any money while we were there. This is definitely an awesome store, and worth stopping at if you're in the area."

Noah O.