About Us

In November of 1985 Clair & Virginia Zimmerman along with their young family bought an old store front on main street and moved their small store (then Jordan’s Country Market), to Cantril from nearby Mt. Sterling IA, renaming it Dutchman’s Store, their goal always was to supply the surrounding area with what they need at an affordable price. in the beginning of 2010 Clair’s sons, Wilmer and Kevin joined him in ownership, several years later a younger son Kenneth also joined the business.

The Store has grown and changed over the years, adding selection as space allowed.  It is now divided into several different department: Sewing Supplies, Clothing and Gift Items, and then General Grocery and Food. Simply put, The Dutchman’s Store contains pretty much everything you’d need to run a small farm or homestead… We hope to see you soon.

Why is the store named Dutchman’s Store?

Well . . . the Zimmerman family having moved to this area from Lancaster County PA , speaks a German dialect called “Pennsylvania Dutch”  So it only seemed right to call the store “Dutchman’s Store”

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From Our Customers

"This store is amazing! They have everything here from groceries, clothes, clocks, toys. There's literally something for everyone here. Not to mention most of the stuff here is made locally, and not the typical Walter foreign quality that most people are used to. The products you buy from this store will last. My wife had some blueberries from here, and said their the best she's ever had in her life. My Grandma was the one who needed to go here, and honestly we didn't expect to spend any money while we were there. This is definitely an awesome store, and worth stopping at if you're in the area."

Noah O.