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Swiss Star Potato & Vegetable Peeler

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This peeler is High Quality Swiss Made Professional Star Peelers with Stainless Steel Blade and Handle. 

This Peeler makes an excellent addition to any kitchen. It is easily the best fruit/vegetable peeler you will ever use. The unique design makes it incredibly effective and perfect for those suffering from arthritis. It is equally effective and comfortable for both right and left handed people. This incredible peeler consists of a stainless steel handle and blade . It is widely used in professional kitchens because it’s cut is smooth and the peel is broad and thin. You will save time, and be left with little waste when you peel fruits and vegetables with this amazing device. The small loop next to the blade quickly removes imperfections from potatoes and other types of root vegetables. This peeler is ideal for all types of peeling, slicing cheese, cutting vegetables into strips and more. It will become an integral part of your kitchen from the first time you use it.


  • makes an excellent addition to any kitchen.
  • It is easily the best vegetable peeler you will ever use.
  • STAINLESS STEEL Blade & Handle


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