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Sugar River ORIGINAL Snack Stick Ends & Pieces 2-lb bag

SKU: 017082880840
(321 customer reviews)


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Sugar River® original and hot meat snacks are delicious and made from premium beef and pork seasoned with a unique blend of spices and smoked to perfection.


Vacuum sealed for added freshness, this is a treat that’s sure to please.


Weight 2 lbs

321 reviews for Sugar River ORIGINAL Snack Stick Ends & Pieces 2-lb bag

  1. Brent Hardy (verified owner)

    I’m so happy I found the Dutchman’s Store!

  2. Aron Lumbard (verified owner)

  3. James L. (verified owner)

    An excellent price, and these meat sticks have amazing smokey flavor!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Flavorful. Little oily for me but for the price it’s a solid buy.

  5. Charles Shrader (verified owner)

    great snack for low carb diets

  6. Tien (verified owner)

    The beef snacks had a bit of excess grease in them but it’s not too big of a concern and was delivered earlier than expected, overall exceptional experience.

  7. Tana Pape (verified owner)

    They were to spicy for me.

  8. Mikayla W. (verified owner)

    Amazing. Thank you!

  9. Steve D. (verified owner)

    The snack sticks are really tasty! I’m already addicted to them! Even the regular flavor has a nice kick. Think I’ll try the spicy next.

  10. aaron (verified owner)

    Good price, shipped very fast good thing cause it was hot out. Good flavor and good quality. 1st time purchaser from Dutchman’s so I’m pleased.

  11. Philip F. (verified owner)

    Decent snack for road trips.

  12. Teresa Krakat (verified owner)

    We enjoy snacking on them!

  13. Theodore (verified owner)

    Tasty snack for ketogenic people

  14. GARY (verified owner)

    these are very good, but just a little spicier than i really like,but that isn’t going to stop me from munching them down !!

  15. Crystal Jones (verified owner)


  16. Stevan (verified owner)

    Absolutely Delicious. Better flavor than most costing twice to five times more.

  17. Amy A. (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping. I appreciate the service.

  18. Bill Vande Giessen (verified owner)

    Thank you for stocking these, I’ve literally been searching for TWO YEARS for this specific kind also! I live in Michigan and and hoping to isn’t your store in person someday! Bless you!

  19. Jennifer L. (verified owner)

    My Dad Loves these!!!

  20. Kathleen Woolsey (verified owner)

    I love this product.

  21. dixie engle (verified owner)

    Great for eating and watching tv

  22. Charles Shrader (verified owner)

    Best snack for adkins diet, love them

  23. Justin Allen (verified owner)

    There the best!

  24. Donald (verified owner)

    I placed my order Wednesday morning and received it Friday afternoon of the same week. I received the correct order packaged and secured very well. I will definitely order again.

  25. lyle o. (verified owner)

    needed thes original to offset the hot ones we got earlier. they are so good and a great price.

  26. Jacqueline Jones (verified owner)

    Can not find anymore. Was so thrilled to be able to get them again for a reasonable price!

  27. Tony W. (verified owner)

    Vary good, Greasy but test as good as slim Jim. Would buy again.

  28. Bryan Mayle (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery time

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best beef sticks ever

  30. Croy Harris (verified owner)

    Keep them in stock! You have a lifetime customer.

  31. Larry Coates (verified owner)

    Good delicious

  32. steve verhovec (verified owner)

    yum yum

  33. Roxanna Olson (verified owner)

    Tastiest ever!

  34. Juliana L (verified owner)

    Perfect just what I was looking for,

  35. christine (verified owner)


  36. Patricia Vestal (verified owner)

    So good and a great price!

  37. Jerry Short (verified owner)

    Love, love, love these delicious snacks.

  38. That girl at the Ollie’s

    This is the best beef jerky. I wont ever ever ever, eat any other beef jerky! I work at a discount store, in TEXAS. (Howdy y’all!) But yeah. I paid $ 3.99 (+taxes) = $5 almost $6.??… ) MINUS MY EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT (- 20% off… ) IF I KNOW What I DO KNOW IS: 5 STARS FROM TEXAS. TEXAS NEEDS THE SUGAR RIVER LOVE SNACKS.


  39. Bryan Mayle (verified owner)

    Excellent service and fast delivery.

  40. Kathy Christenson (verified owner)

    good product

  41. Kenneth McElroy (verified owner)


  42. ROBERT (verified owner)

    Great price! Fast shipping! Will buy more! Thanks!

  43. Kathleen Woolsey (verified owner)

    Quick service.

  44. mark rundquist (verified owner)

    thank you

  45. John B. (verified owner)

    The only place I found these at a reasonable price.

  46. Kyle Lagrou (verified owner)

    First time experience and will definitely go back got just what I wanted and in good time frame totally recommend

  47. Roxanna Olson (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping on my most favorite product I cannot find local.

  48. mark rundquist (verified owner)

    fast shipping, tastes great, thank you.

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for, delivered fast

  50. Christopher (verified owner)

    love these beef snack hard to find, got my order , so happy

  51. dawn bellandi (verified owner)

    The perfect snack for my low carb diet. I have lost so much weight, even with high fat. Love these little pepperonies

  52. Joel T. (verified owner)

    I love these things! I used to buy them in a couple places when I was driving truck, but since I retired from that, I haven’t been able to find them. Until now! Dutchmen’s Store has them and at a great price, too! Their shipping is super fast and I have ordered several from them.

  53. Laura P. (verified owner)

    Love these. Will definitely order again

  54. Edd Todd (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised
    Great price

  55. Lorraine Cook (verified owner)


  56. Darrell (verified owner)

    Great deal,

  57. Shane P. (verified owner)


  58. Erik S. (verified owner)

    Fast and accurate order. Thanks!

  59. Keith S. (verified owner)

    Everything was great 👍

  60. Byron Waggoner (verified owner)

    Shipped quick and the product was very fresh and delicious. Will be ordering from there a lot.

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect for snacking

  62. Bruce Hanson (verified owner)

    Very good flavor and value. A bit greasy, but if you rinse them in a strainer with hot water and pat dry, they can’t be beat.

  63. MARK (verified owner)

    Awesome snacks at a great price

  64. ken mason (verified owner)

    I like them but picture shows whole round uniform end pieces. Probably 1/2 the bag is full 2 inch round pieces like What I got was the 1/3 the ends have just the skin on the last inch and a lot of pieces. Pictured product is not a very good sample of what all is in the bag. I do not see any pieces or ends with the skins hanging from them

  65. Juliana L (verified owner)

    Love them, thank you

  66. Linda Smith (verified owner)


  67. James s. (verified owner)

    I’m impressed

  68. Dana K. (verified owner)

    It’s good

  69. Stephen F. (verified owner)

    Dutchman’s quality and prices are Top Notch!

  70. Sonja (verified owner)

    Exactly what we were looking for!

  71. Gwen (verified owner)


  72. Tammy B. (verified owner)

    Great product, sturdy box & quick shipping!

  73. Susie Thomsen (verified owner)

    Very tasty

  74. David (verified owner)

    Great Gift a Bargain

  75. Charles Shrader (verified owner)

    Last time pieces were much bigger, but these were still good.

  76. Cynthia M. (verified owner)

    Great taste

  77. Kent Roberts (verified owner)

    Well packed quickly shipped…….
    Wish the would ship cheeses and other stuff

  78. Rick P. (verified owner)

    We got the Hot version a few weeks ago and loved them but darn they are hot. Got the Original version because the Hot was out of stock and love the Original even more. And if you buy some bulk Jerky for sure get the Teriyaki. We got the original jerky first but the Teriyaki is light years better than the original. That’s my opinion. This store is the “cats meow” with killer pricing and lighting fast shipping. Rick

  79. Kathy Woolsey (verified owner)

    Quick service. Good flavor.

  80. Croy Harris (verified owner)

    Always good service and fast shipping

  81. Jeff D. (verified owner)

    great deal and not greasy like other products of this sort

  82. Sandra S. (verified owner)

    I have ordered from you 3 times now and each time has been perfect. Professional, accurate and prompt. The prices has been satisfactory so..I wish lived close enough to shop in your store because of the fair pricing.

  83. Juliana L (verified owner)

    Always fresh and taste great, arrives quickly.

  84. Wesley R. (verified owner)

    Real good but the price keeps going up..

  85. Erik Smith (verified owner)


  86. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are awesome snack sticks!!

  87. Barbara Champagne (verified owner)

    Wasnt like the ones I use to get but still good.

  88. J David P. (verified owner)

    HOT, as described

  89. Jacqueline S. (verified owner)

    We love your products and search all over for them in our Ohio valley. So now that I can order directly from you I save time. I call family members and just place a big order and everyone gets to enjoy them.

  90. Alan (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome. Little bit of variety, all of it great.

  91. Kelly (verified owner)

    Bought as a gift. My brother loved it!!

  92. MICKEY ATKINS (verified owner)


  93. Faith (verified owner)

    I am now a customer for life. They ship fast, and you can’t find a better price online. These beef sticks ends have the perfect spice and snap.

  94. Michelle Geisendorfer (verified owner)

    The item was delivered promptly and it was as described.

  95. Sylvia C KIFFE (verified owner)

    They LOVED it!!

  96. James Dowell (verified owner)


  97. James Woolsey (verified owner)

    Thank you about to reorder!

  98. Kathleen Woolsey (verified owner)

    My family all love this product. We have ordered several pkgs.

  99. Vince (verified owner)

    These are good , but my package had a lot of small PCs/ end cuts in it, other than that they are good

  100. Kari Widler (verified owner)

    Very tasty.

  101. Matthew (verified owner)


  102. Susan Gelsthorpe (verified owner)

    Arrived in a timely manner

  103. Aj (verified owner)

    great treat!

  104. Dustin (verified owner)

    Very good beef sticks for a reasonable price

  105. Gary L. (verified owner)

    Very tasty

  106. Brenda Lohmam (verified owner)

    Delivery was quick and product was perfect

  107. Kathy Woolsey (verified owner)

    My family loves the snack stick ends. It is hard to keep enough on hand. The ordering process and shipping process is quick and easy. Just wish the postal service was the same. No fault of yours. We will continue to order this product.

  108. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy as pie.

  109. dawn b. (verified owner)

    Love these low carb snacks

  110. Anonymous (verified owner)


  111. Dillon J. (verified owner)

    Will likely order again. Even though I should be dieting jerky is my weakness.

  112. Jacqueline Coffey (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great price, tastes great!!! Will be back for more.

  113. William (verified owner)

    Not bad for the price.

  114. martha peach (verified owner)

    These are wonderful snacks and while I found where I could purchase them I’ll be buying again,also other items as well.
    Thanks for the wonderful job of having them!
    I’ll let others know about the url and they to will be able to order them to.

    Martha peach

  115. Pamela G. (verified owner)

    Definitely odd pieces, but tastes good. Worth the price.

  116. Jeffrey P. (verified owner)

    A bit greasy. Probably won’t order again.

  117. Anonymous (verified owner)

    One of my favorite snacks

  118. Tammy B. (verified owner)

    Great product, great price & quick shipping

  119. Juliana L (verified owner)

    wonderful as always

  120. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Great product, fast shipping, perfect for camping and hunting trips.

  121. Kathleen Woolsey (verified owner)

    This was a the best. Customer service vice is quick. I have found the jerky under the same packaging, however it comes from Wisconsin and definitely not the same flavor. The package looks the same. Thank you.

  122. MICKEY ATKINS (verified owner)


  123. John Youngbauer (verified owner)

    Great snack. Can’t get enough of them.

  124. Chuck C. (verified owner)

    Excellent price for an excellent product. Very fast delivery would definitely keep buying Dutchman’s store.

  125. Steve J. (verified owner)

    These are by far, my absolute favorite beef stick snack. I cannot find them anywhere near where I live. I will definitely order them again. I love them. Thank you!

  126. Tammy (verified owner)

    Very good. Shipping was prompt.

  127. Rodney M. (verified owner)

    Great buy!!!!

  128. Denise Fenimore (verified owner)

    These are the best tasting snacks we have in years!

  129. Kathy Woolsey (verified owner)

    This is excellent. Fast service. I will be ordering more soon.

  130. John N. (verified owner)

    Nice finding this at a good price for my son

  131. Ashley Eddlemon (verified owner)

    Great price. Love this jerky. We can’t find it around our house.

  132. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Far too greasy and somewhat tough. Would not order again.

  133. Janet (verified owner)

    Tasted wonderful. Quick delivery.

  134. Corey O’Connor (verified owner)

    I love these!

  135. Jerry sumney (verified owner)


  136. vincent (verified owner)

    Love all your products I have bought, Thank you for the great service.

  137. Bill I. (verified owner)

    Good product with good taste, only gave 4 rating because there were to many end pieces that were half filled with meat, the other half was just casing.

  138. Tim K. (verified owner)

    Only place I could find these meat snacks, you guys are awesome! Thank you!

  139. Everett M. (verified owner)

    Great flavor and excellent service

  140. Ronica Freeman (verified owner)

    Awesome job your place is best hands down

  141. Edd Todd (verified owner)

    Please Don’t stop making these.

  142. Kathy Woolsey (verified owner)

    Quick and easy online purchase. Quick shipment.

  143. Croy Harris (verified owner)

    Alway good, fast shipping

  144. Ashley Eddlemon (verified owner)

    Great price and so tasty

  145. John Emond (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  146. Todd jones (verified owner)

    Prices are very reasonable and from ordering to receiving the product I ordered was exceptional less than a week awesome place to shop

  147. raymond guyan (verified owner)

    great job

  148. Gordy Foote (verified owner)


  149. Sandra Oliver (verified owner)

    Very happy with product and speed of shipping..Thank you

  150. Neil Kellerman (verified owner)


  151. James (verified owner)

    They was just what I wanted and priced excellent

  152. WALLACE BELL (verified owner)


  153. Jason (verified owner)

    So good!

  154. Randall (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and good products

  155. Spencer Gray (verified owner)

    I love them!

  156. Kendall Fowler (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  157. Kevin K. (verified owner)

    great prices, great shipping time. absolute gem of a store for meat sticks and jerky. my go-to.

  158. John Hohenadel (verified owner)

    My original order was lost by UPS. Mr. Zimmerman handled the issue and had my order reshipped expeditiously. Thank you for your prompt and courteous attention!

  159. Kenneth Woodyard (verified owner)

    Never an issue with The Dutchmen. Great product and delivery is spot on. Thank you

  160. Kathy Woolsey (verified owner)

    Perfect. I will be ordering again soon.

  161. Nicholas Violick (verified owner)

    100% honest review this product was amazing for the value overall amazing I’ve already ordered another 4 lb of this product and the shipping is so quick even to Henderson Nevada a far distance from where they’re shipping it got here in 2 days what can you complain about really! If you’re into a good amount speaking because they only come in 2 lb this is the deal for you. Honestly I think I’ve hit the jackpot from paying 15 dollars a pound in the grocery store. Already ordered my dad 2 lb and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be hooked especially after I tell him the price. Expect more orders keep it up guys thank you.

  162. Gary L. (verified owner)

    I love your product but many of the pieces were not clean cuts and empty.

  163. Michael (verified owner)

    These are great snacks with yummy flavor & the price was right. Will definitely be buying again!

  164. Allen S. (verified owner)

    Fresh and delicious

  165. Charles Coleman (verified owner)

    Never any problems and always quick delivery.

  166. Michael Greene (verified owner)

    Use these for doggie treats, Beau love them.

  167. DIANNE (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and items are perfect.

  168. Michael E. (verified owner)

    Order came as described and on time.

  169. Donald (verified owner)

    Great products, great prices, and overall outstanding service

  170. Noah P. (verified owner)

    It’s really good stuff I like it alot Im prolly gonna get sum more soon.

  171. Sandra S. (verified owner)

    I have been ordering these from you for a long time. We love them and will order more.

  172. Thomas H. (verified owner)

    The Bits & Pieces are always great

  173. James P. (verified owner)


  174. Rodney M. (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the money.

  175. Kathy Woolsey (verified owner)

    Love this product.

  176. John Naylor (verified owner)

    Very excellent for the price

  177. Kendall (verified owner)

    These are the best.

  178. Courtney (verified owner)

    Fast service and great product! Thank you 🙂

  179. Sandra Olson (verified owner)


  180. Todd S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and co.

  181. Peggy Reynolds (verified owner)

    Fast, excellent service. I will be back to order more!!!

  182. Lanette Oliver (verified owner)

    My husband is addicted to these!

  183. Kelly (verified owner)


  184. Mike Davisson (verified owner)

    Great service

  185. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These beef sticks are very good, they slightly on the spicy side.

  186. Marty Jones (verified owner)


  187. Lanette O. (verified owner)

    Husband is addicted.

  188. Juliana L (verified owner)

    Excellent as always,

  189. Jacob (verified owner)

    Used to get these at a gun n knife show. Have looked all over for these. Glad to see this store still Carries them. Super fast shipping.

  190. Donald (verified owner)


  191. Marty Jones (verified owner)

    I’ve loved these for years

  192. Donald Grego (verified owner)

    Very good, will definitely be buying more! Great price and the Customer Service is beyond great for an online store. Other online stores could learn a few lessons from these guys!

  193. CARSON C (verified owner)

    A good snack before and while hunting

  194. Kathy Woolsey (verified owner)

    Service is excellent.

  195. Peggy R. (verified owner)

    Excellent, fast service!!!

  196. Susan Cottom (verified owner)

    I am glad to have found your online store

  197. Steve F. (verified owner)

    Delicious as always. Best price I have found anywhere.

  198. Melissa A. (verified owner)


  199. John R. (verified owner)

    Not to bad

  200. Tim K. (verified owner)

    thank you for having these! will be continually purchasing them.

  201. Joshua F. (verified owner)

    Great product

  202. Lisa (verified owner)

    These Are the best meat sticks I’ve ever had

  203. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just like I remember it

  204. R Short (verified owner)

    satisfied with the product

  205. Steve (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Prompt shipping. Friendly correspondence. I will definitely buy again

  206. Kyle B. (verified owner)


  207. Craig (verified owner)

    Purchased over $250.00 worth of merchandise and never any promo codes or coupons for online purchases

  208. Ron (verified owner)

    Fair prices and quick shipping

  209. Doug Barnett (verified owner)

    love em

  210. kevin tang (verified owner)

    I have been buying these on a regular basis for over a year now. Taste is amazing and the price is unbeatable.

  211. Ryan Fisher (verified owner)

    good stuff

  212. Alyssa (verified owner)

    Delicious! Will be ordering more!

  213. Carol S. (verified owner)

    Fast service and great product !

  214. Tammy Caldwell (verified owner)


  215. Maurice B. (verified owner)

    The best taste and value!

  216. WILLIAM N. (verified owner)

    Very tasty and an Excellent value! We will be reordering frequently.

  217. Ann W. (verified owner)


  218. Lisa Andrews (verified owner)


  219. Timothy Stanley (verified owner)

    Great fast service Thank You.

  220. Tammy B. (verified owner)

    Great snack sticks, great price and quick shipping

  221. Ronald B. (verified owner)

    Great product

  222. Rose S. (verified owner)

    we all love these & the price is great too! will purchase again.

  223. Ernesto C. (verified owner)

    Great value.

  224. Sandra Reed (verified owner)


  225. Willis McNeal (verified owner)

    Simply the best snack food going

  226. Mike Davisson (verified owner)

    Being vacuum packed so tight the oil was seeping out of the meat. It never used to be packaged this way and this is the first time I’ve bought and it came this way.

  227. Charles Shrader (verified owner)

    very tasty

  228. Tim Evans (verified owner)

    Love these, take them on my side by side trips.

  229. Louis (verified owner)


  230. Eric (verified owner)

    This isn’t the dry version. 😕

  231. Christopher m. (verified owner)

    Always tasty.

  232. John H. (verified owner)

    These are the best ends and pieces! They are not greasy like the others

  233. Mark (verified owner)

    Great service. Had to call into customer service to assist in sending some beef stick to my son in Seattle. The rep I spoke with was outstanding helping me get it straight on the website.

  234. Tim Evans (verified owner)

    Love these, perfect for snack on trail ride. Did like the old bags better than the vaccum packed.

  235. JOHNNY WALKER (verified owner)

    Not what I expected (spicy) however I truly enjoy these regulars; glad I purchased 6 bags !!! Best Deal,Quality,flavorful,& Fast Delivery “that fast.”

  236. Brian Hammond (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff

  237. Amanda Rudy (verified owner)

    These are so delicious!! This is the only store that gets them right too. I’ve found that other places don’t have the “original” or they’re wet. These are perfect. The store ships fast and is constantly in communication with shipping.

  238. Lynn (verified owner)

    Would get again

  239. Krystal (verified owner)


  240. KEN F. (verified owner)

    Great products and very fast shipping out here to the
    New England area

  241. Marie (verified owner)

    My husband lov s the meat sticks

  242. Christopher James (verified owner)

    Excellent inventory, shipping and service

  243. raymond guyan (verified owner)

    fast shipping

  244. Randy H. (verified owner)

    Good meat snack treat

  245. Rebecca W. (verified owner)

    I’m only able to find these at certain times of the year….since I’ve found Dutchman, I just order from this company, it’s very much worth it…product were delivered at a speedy rate….within 2 days if not 1and my package had arrived .. products were fresh…I enjoyed very much..thx

  246. Romona Brown (verified owner)


  247. Tim E. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and good packaging

  248. Paul T. (verified owner)

    Was expecting it to be similar to the jerky but it is not near as good

  249. David G. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery

  250. CINDY ABBEY (verified owner)

    My children love the meat sticks!

  251. Lynn (verified owner)


  252. Rose (verified owner)

    always fast shipping

  253. Willis McNeal (verified owner)

    was not vacuum packed

  254. Scott T. (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  255. John P. (verified owner)

    Good product. Would prefer if the bag were vacuum packed like the Spicy Sweet Chili Stick end and pieces.

  256. Troy K. (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and as described, great product

  257. Brian H. (verified owner)


  258. Carl Roadman (verified owner)

    A lot of grease but I imagine that’s all in the mix!

  259. Melissa (verified owner)

    Product arrived in good shape and in a decent amount of time.

  260. JACQUELINE SMOLENAK (verified owner)

    I love this product! I used to be able to find it locally but can’t anymore. So glad I can order from you.

  261. Ernest E. (verified owner)


  262. angela baker (verified owner)


  263. Anonymous (verified owner)


  264. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Slightly soft texture but great flavor.

  265. Stephen (verified owner)

    It’s alright. Tastes better if you don’t eat too much or it. More of a snack less of a binge food is that makes sense.

  266. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best little piece of meat I have ever put in my mouth! 😉 they are delicious!

  267. Brian Riegelmayer (verified owner)

    Great! Love the quality and care for guests. Just don’t know why these are more than the spicy ones

  268. Chuck P. (verified owner)

    These end cuts are delicious, they have great flavor and “snap”. Already ordered 8lbs and will be ordering more

  269. Scott T. (verified owner)

    They are the best

  270. Jeremiah (verified owner)

    The meat is good but I received the meat stick ends instead of the above snack sticks ends. Ordered 5 so I payed a bit extra but it’s still good. Only knocking 1 star off because of the slight order error.

  271. Carmela (verified owner)

    Thought they were extremely salty. I won’t purchase them anymore.

  272. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great products and fast Shipping. Thanks

  273. Robert Watkins (verified owner)

    Everything was well packed, and delivered quick. I go through these things so fast, I had to stop ordering.

  274. Shannon H. (verified owner)

    My family enjoys the Sugar River snacks.

  275. Brian Taylor (verified owner)

    Fast delivery as always. Good product and price

  276. kathy (verified owner)

    perfect snack size bits. very good

  277. Daniel T. (verified owner)

    I tried this from a local store and it tasted great! I looked it up online and it brought me here. 100/10 would buy here again.

  278. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are my favorite and I haven’t been able to find them in a long time. They’re worth the money!

  279. Henry Pruitt (verified owner)

    Awsome and delivery was super fast!

  280. Amanda M. (verified owner)

    Best I’ve ever had fast shipping

  281. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love these for snacking.

  282. thavone chanthavong (verified owner)

    awesome price taste great

  283. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Addictingly good

  284. Jim (verified owner)

    These are great. The flavor is so good. Great quality product, I’m going to definitely buy some more. No gristle.

  285. raymond guyan (verified owner)

    well done

  286. Thomas Williams (verified owner)

    Very good prices – Amazon didn’t come close! Prompt and responsive customer service. Thanx

  287. Amy (verified owner)

    These were just what I wanted! They are more like a slim Jim ends and pieces, than the beef sticks. I Have looked EVERYWHERE for these !!!! I love them! Shipping was fast as well!

  288. Larry Smith (verified owner)

    Good deal fast shipping

  289. David Soukup (verified owner)

    Everyone loves the smokies

  290. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great seller

  291. Maurice Barkley (verified owner)

    Always the best. I buy several bags and give them away to clients

  292. Dan R. (verified owner)

    It is a delicious product. We buy 2 at a time.

  293. Garlyn G. (verified owner)

    Yummy!!!Great customer service!

  294. AL (verified owner)


  295. Henry P. (verified owner)


  296. Arthur N. (verified owner)

  297. Samantha Slone (verified owner)

    Great product and fast delivery

  298. Brett H. (verified owner)

    Very good!

  299. Jessie Sheffield (verified owner)

    So yummy!!!!

  300. Jaime (verified owner)

    Great Product, available and fast shipping. Vey happy with my purchase.

  301. Ron S. (verified owner)


  302. Jack Brooks (verified owner)

    I love these Suger river snacks , be nice when you get the hot in stock ,then I can order one hot and 4 original..all so like the fast shipping.

  303. Susan (verified owner)

    Always fresh

  304. Troy K. (verified owner)

    Dutchman store is the only vendor that sends me this product correctly others ie tried send vacuum sealed that is not the same. Will continue to order thank you !

  305. John H. (verified owner)

    My favorite! Not greasy like the others.

  306. Jeremy R. (verified owner)

    Ships to you quick. Delicious snack

  307. Tim (verified owner)

    Love these Meat snacks and love the price. Dutchman always delivers swiftly. Thank you for keeping these in stock!

  308. Susan (verified owner)

    Only place that carries my favorite snack

  309. Mark B. (verified owner)

    Good tasting beef sticks

  310. Shannon (verified owner)

    I buy these a few times a year. Most of the family enjoys them.

  311. Donald Nelson (verified owner)

    Exactly what I ordered.

  312. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Taste great, and the price is solid.

  313. David G. (verified owner)

    Great service prompt shipping

  314. David Renney (verified owner)

    great product amazing price

  315. Alan England (verified owner)

    They taste very good. MBIYJ

  316. sarah millls (verified owner)

    These are soooo good

  317. Jeffrey Mayhew (verified owner)

    Wish they weren’t out of stock all the time

  318. wayne bolejack (verified owner)

    great product

  319. Dennis Legge (verified owner)

    Very Good Deal!

  320. Russell B. (verified owner)

    We’ve been enjoying these for years now, but unfortunately our local suppliers stopped carrying them. Luckily I found Dutchmans

  321. David G. (verified owner)

    There the best

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Q & A

Are the snack stick ends and pieces gluten free? Kevin asked on November 10, 2023

They do not say gluten free on the package, although they do not have flour or wheat in the ingredient list.

Kevin answered on December 19, 2023 store manager
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