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Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

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(8 customer reviews)


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Knife Sharpener

Place the blade of any household knife between the two sharpening wheels and pull through with light pressure. Repeat several times and your knife is like new.

  • Reinforced nylon base with non-slip finish
  • 3-1/2″L x 1-1/2″W x 1-3/4″H
  • USA made by Rada
3 1/2″ long by 2″ tall

The secret is in the Rada Knife Sharpener’s dual steel wheels, which intersect to sharpen both sides of a knife blade at the same time. The specially-hardened, high-carbon stainless wheels ensure that blades reach their sharpest point with only slight effort. The sharpener features a durable nylon base that make certain you can safely get a sharp knife the moment you need it.

This handy device is also a must-have for hunters and fishermen, as it quickly sharpens your field knife when you most need it. The sharpener’s small size makes it easy to carry in a truck glove compartment or tackle box, so your hunting knife or fillet knife will always be in the best possible shape!  (We also have heard that bow hunters use the Rada sharpener to sharpen their hunting arrow blades!8.99)

8 reviews for Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

  1. Linda (verified owner)

    I am a little disappointed in the size of the sharpener. I wish it were a little larger so that the hand I would hold it with is a little further away from the blade part being sharpened. To be fair, I have not used it yet as I just opened my box, but it doesn’t appear to be very weighted down on the bottom part to give stability.

  2. Melissa Royer (verified owner)

    Thank you

  3. Valerie Schaffner (verified owner)

    love it !

  4. cheryl (verified owner)

    I love my Rada knives…have a bunch all different sizes….this just keeps’em sharp!

  5. Frances S. (verified owner)


  6. Elizabeth M. (verified owner)

    Everything I expected it to be–RADA rocks!!

  7. April (verified owner)

    This product was not as good as my other sharpening tool. Not real happy. But sometimes it’s the operator not the product.

  8. Angela B. (verified owner)

    Easy to use and works great.

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