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Pie Saver Carrier Set – Food Travel, Storage, Tray

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ESSAware commercial duty stacking pie Server. Stacking inter-lockable food containers carry pies, cupcakes, cookies, as well as vegetables, salads, cut fruits and so much more to potlucks, picnics, family, church gatherings, and other food-related events. Arrive at your destination with fresh and intact food dishes ready to serve.

Sold as a set of 4 clear durable lightweight Made in the USA BPA-free ABS 10-1/2” O.D. x 2-5/8” tall stacking containers. Each tray will hold a food item up to 2-3/8” tall. The standard Pie Server will come with a dome lid with a built-in carry handle that adds another 3/8” in height. Simple twist each layer and the lid in place to lock them together.

Stacking pies and other carry-in dishes can be difficult in a cooler or refrigerator. Try stacking four 9” pies in a cooler to arrive in good ready to serve condition. The Pie Server allows you to quickly stack and carry cold and hot foods without worry about spillovers. We personally appreciated this carrier over the Thanksgiving Holiday as we were able to neatly stack our pies in the refrigerator and free up space for other dishes.

Designed and made in the USA by an Amish company as a reproduction of the original metal stacking pie carries used at large Amish food gatherings such as Amish weddings and church and benefit dinners.

Unlike other plastic food carriers, ABS provides a high impact resistant material that makes tough products that can be dropped and used in commercial environments. ABS products also withstand a good temperature range from -4° to 176° This is the same material as being used in commercial pan covers, drinking glasses, and salad bar trays.

The Pie Server provides a perfect countertop sprouting tower for seeds and sprouts. The clear see-through design also makes great organizers, storage, and transport containers.

The Pie Server is dishwasher safe for top rack washing.

Note: The trays are not completely liquid sealed. Built-in vent holes in the tray bottoms, which also serve as the locking dock for the next layer will require lining the trays with foil or use of a 9” pie pan if you are filling with juice producing fruits or liquid deserts so that they don’t seep down to the next tray. The carrier will hold a maximum 9″ outside diameter pie pan without extended handles.

The Amish make their products focused on long-term durability over making things cheaply to enhance profits. Thus, price-wise, the Pie Server is not priced to be competitive with a discount store and other online flimsy made pie servers. The Pie Server is more comparable to what you will find in a restaurant supply house.

  • FITS ONLY 9″ FOIL PIE PANS and Smaller Pies (Does NOT accommodate a 9″ GLASS pie plate)
  • Carries Four Pies, Use for Pastries, Pies, Desserts
  • Works Great for Growing Sprouts
  • Durable, Lightweight, BPA-Free
Weight 4.7 lbs


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