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Healer’s Choice Herbal Liniment Pain Relief

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This natural formula has been trusted since the Great Depression. The ingredients are simple yet powerful: myrrh and cayenne pepper warm skin and muscles and stimulate circulation; golden seal fights infection and aids in healing.

  • Spray on skin and rub in to relieve the pain of insect bites and stings, poison ivy and oak, muscle injuries, arthritis, headaches and general aches and pains.
  • 8 fl oz spray bottle
  • USA made

Promotes healing and relief of:

Wounds, infections, bleeding, aches and pains, muscle injuries, swelling, headaches and earaches, arthritis, rheumatism, toothaches and gum infections, deep muscle therapy, poison ivy and poison oak, insect bites and itchy skin, chicken pox and cold sores.

Ingredients: rubbing alcohol, myrrh, golden seal, cayenne pepper.

Instructions for Use:

For headaches- Apply to the temples, the back of neck and forehead.

For toothaches- Apply in the cavity and all around the gums with a cotton swab and on the outside of the jaw if necessary.

For cold sores and gum infections- Saturate a piece of cotton or swab and thoroughly wash the mouth. If you are using on small children or elderly persons, dilute with water to reduce the sting.

For athlete’s foot- Apply frequently, saturating all the affected parts thoroughly.

For earache- To relieve the pain of ear infections, gently massage liniment below and all around ear cavity. Concentrate on the area below the jawbone, as this helps relieve pressure. You can also dilute the liniment with warm water and put a little in the ear.

For insect bites, pimples and all other skin eruptions- Rub or spray liniment on affected area for relief from itching and pain.

For muscle injuries, swellings, aches and pains- Spray liniment on and massage well until herbs are absorbed. Repeat as needed.

For bleeding- spray on wound liberally every 2-3 minutes or as needed.

Excellent for healing wounds on animals as well as humans. Spray wound and surrounding area 5-6 times a day.

NOTE: This liniment does not cause excessive surface heat like some other products do, because it is absorbed deeper into the muscle.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. Use only as directed.

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