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Dutchman’s Perfect Pop Popcorn Canola Oil Butter Flavor, 33.8 oz. Colored with Natural Beta Carotene

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DELICIOUS BUTTERY FLAVOR & AROMA; you won’t believe how mouth-watering homemade popcorn can be, and discover why so many customers keep coming back for more.
COLORED WITH NATURAL BETA CAROTENE (found in carrots) so you can enjoy the look of theater popcorn without preservatives and chemical coloring.
HEALTHY CHOICE; low in saturated fat and a healthy alternative to other popping oils.
ZERO TRANS-FATS, NON-HYDROGENATED & NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES; an excellent alternative to using real butter.
MAKE PERFECT THEATER POPCORN in your own home; be sure to try our Perfect Theater Popcorn Recipe in the description below.

Weight 2.15 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3.25 × 9.25 in