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Dutchman’s Paraffin Ear Candles (4 Pack)

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Each candle will burn approximately 12-15 minutes.

1) Have person lie on their side with the ear pointing to the ceiling.

2) Using the tip of the scissors, push a hole through a foil plate to make an opening large enough to insert the hollow candle.

3) Put the small end of the cylinder through the plate, making certain that the opening of the candle isn’t bent.

4) Light the large end of the candle, holding your finger over the small end until smoke billows out the small end. Put the small end of the candle firmly, but gently into the ear. Make sure the candle points directly toward the ceiling and smoke is going into the ear.

5) Let candle burn about 1 to 1-1/2 inches. Trim the ash with scissors and place ash in bowl of water.

6) Once candle has burned down to 3 inches tall, snuff out flame and remove from ear. Discard candle.

7) Once candle is removed, gently swab the ear and then place 3-4 drops of ear oil on a cotton ball and set in the ear. This prevents ear from itching and cracking.


Never use candles alone.

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1 review for Dutchman’s Paraffin Ear Candles (4 Pack)

  1. Gina Gallien (verified owner)

    First time I’ve ever used them.

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