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Dutchman’s Lime Pickles 2 Pack Glass Pint Jars

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Two Pint Size Jars of amazing Dutchman’s Lime pickles..  Lime Pickles are made with a process that gives us a glimpse back in time to the old days of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The “lime” used in the process of these pickles is a food grade version of what was used for making white-wash, plaster, and spreading on the fields. While our forefathers probably didn’t know the science behind the preservation process, they did know that what they created was a very crisp, green pickle with a delightfully dry, sweet balance.

2 reviews for Dutchman’s Lime Pickles 2 Pack Glass Pint Jars

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These lime pickes are very sweet and taste like candy but would pair well with a chicago style hot dog or any hotdog with a natural casing

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I just opened one of my two jars of these lime pickles just so that I could review them…This is what I found…Great tasting with the jar fully packed. These won’t last long around here!

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