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Eskimo Checkers Board Game by Matt Snader

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A game of strategy for two players.

Test your wits against each other! Eskimo Checkers features 17 game pieces, 8 white, and 8 blue, plus a wild piece. In the standard set of rules, each player takes one color. The first player starts by handing a piece to his/her opponent, who then places it on the board. This process is repeated, until someone lines up four pieces that have alike attributes (all tall, all round, all one color, etc). Detailed instructions are included with the game. Board size is 8″x8″.

Game pieces are 3D printed in Alaska. Boards are also cut and lasered in Alaska by the Matt Snader family. (authors of the Alaska Adventure Books).

  • For ages 8 and up
  • 2 players
  • Game board is wood with laser etching
  • Game pieces are 3D printed


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