And the Winners Are ….

Winners will be featured in our 2022 Dutchman’s Store Calendar , photos may also be used in our retail store displays. If your photos are chosen will receive a $20 gift card to be used toward your next in-store purchase.

2022 Calendar Pages


Main  –   Lance Martin  –   Winter Backroad at Sunrise

Inset –   Jean Neuweg   – This little squirrel was braving the snow last winter, cleaning up birdseed under my birdfeeders.


Large   –   Dwayne Smith –  Our Dogs Willow and Briar anxious to get to chores. Willow holding the hat for Dad

Small  –   DAVID OLMSTEAD  A Red Tail Hawks sharp eyes check out DAVID OLMSTEAD’s  back yard  in Kirksville Mo


Large   –   Diane Jennings  – A Beautiful Green Tree begins to show green in Lacey-Keosauqua State Park

Small  –   James Gardner  – Old Bridge across the Des Moines River from Vernon to Bentonsport


Large   –  Susan Martin –  Beautiful Sunrise behind Old Tree

Small  –   tesha huffaker  – Three of the Seven fox pups in tesha huffaker’s neighborhood


Large   –   JEAN NEUWEG  – Beautiful sunset, with a windmill silhouette.

Small  –   JEAN NEUWEG   –  Dragonfly at Lake Sugema


Large   –   Sherry Taglauer –  The Cattle are coming along the dusty trail for their evening meal

Small  –    Janel Nolt –   Sunset over the Des Moines River


Large   –   Kenneth Zimmerman –  Storm Clouds Roll in over Round Barn (Wickfield Sales Pavilion) near Cantril Iowa 

Small  –    Cindy Hoover – Old Country Barn,  Tells a tale of years gone by


Large   –   Jaime Moquin  –  Iowa Sunflower

Small  –   Donna Hoover – Bloom where you are planted


Large   –  Rhonda Houf –   Pair of grey horses searching for a treat

Small  –   Nancy Woody – Majestic Buck in the Bean field


Large   –   Sherry Taglauer  – Beautiful Colors along a Stream in Fall 

Small  –   Cindy Wardle –  Beautiful Fall Mums


Large   –   Cassandra Louise  –  Stormy Evening Sky over old Barn

Small  –   Sarah Meeker – All In a days work


Large   –    Sherry Taglauer   Farmall’s Lineup

Small  –   Megan Padget  Bonaparte Retreat in Winter

From Our Customers

"This store is fabulous. They have so much natural healthy living spices and almost everything food related. The people that run the store are some of the nicest people you will ever meet."

Rob H.