Kitchenwares – Canning Supplies

Check out our kitchenwares! We have the general line of dishes and lots of utensils, including a great selection of Rada Cutlery. Other items range from the ordinary coffee makers and popcorn poppers to unique meat grinders and ice cream freezers. Save money by canning your own food – we have what you need to get started, including canning jars, rings, lids. We also have pressure canners, food strainers and all kinds of other fun gadgets.

From Our Customers

"This store is amazing! They have everything here from groceries, clothes, clocks, toys. There's literally something for everyone here. Not to mention most of the stuff here is made locally, and not the typical Walter foreign quality that most people are used to. The products you buy from this store will last. My wife had some blueberries from here, and said their the best she's ever had in her life. My Grandma was the one who needed to go here, and honestly we didn't expect to spend any money while we were there. This is definitely an awesome store, and worth stopping at if you're in the area."

Noah O.