Bulk Foods, Bulk Spices and Herbal Teas ~ Over 200 kinds of bulk candy

We specialize in bulk foods and spices. Because we buy our products in large quantities and bag them out in smaller amounts right here in our store, we are able to offer high-quality foods, snacks, and baking ingredients at excellent prices. Make sure you check out the bulk items in the freezer – we have an interesting variety of breaded foods to deep fat fry.


Don’t miss our bulk candy aisle! Our self-serve system allows you to get exactly the amount you need, and then you get to weigh and price it yourself. Could be you’ll find it so much fun you’ll want to get another kind!

From Our Customers

“ Excellent!!! Dutchman's is the only place I shop. Service is always superior. Its the only place I can purchase two carefully packed carts filled with fresh produce, meat, and dairy for $170! This will last four people most of the month.”

Dawna Burnette